Thursday, March 22, 2007


My awesome friend introduced me blogging. Then about a month ago, she mentioned this Reader she started using. During my experience last week with so much extra energy, I decided to try the Reader out for myself.

Well, in so doing, I have discovered a couple of things.
  1. There are TONS of blogs!
  2. There are way more things to talk about than I can even begin to fathom.
  3. People are smarter online than I think they are when they walk into WalMart. I'm not sure about this. Maybe the people at WalMart don't have computers.
  4. I think it's awesome how some people are very -ism'y. They really believe in what they believe in and write extensively about their stances.
  5. It's way easier to read blogs that just talk about their lives.
  6. I appreciate, as I have stated before, how people are so very real about themselves; strengths and shortcomings side by side. I totally love that! I want to be cool like that someday.
  7. Since starting this blogging and reading more and more, I'm finding that people really create relationships and friendships through this medium. The coolest thing that I thought about today, while not working very hard because my brain is freaking FRIED!, I was thinking about how I'm going to be headed to Alachua, Florida in a month and I wonder if there's any bloggers down there that I should not miss the opportunity to lunch or grab a drink with.

Silly me!

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