Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm getting pretty high tech now!

Something is happening to me. I'm being overwhelmed by a new need to photograph our lives! And, with the new pics comes a new need to share. I've upgraded my Flickr. I'm pro now. Strange, I know! Me and Pro don't usually go into the same sentence.

It started in mid-January when my middle mann was asked to sing at "An Evening with Our Stars" for the Children's Therapy Unit in our town. I was there for the dress rehersal. One of the other mom's who has a kiddo that participated called me a bad name for not having any better of a camera than my cell phone camera with me. Her name calling sparked a new friendship with her. So, that part was nice. But, now I almost feel guilty leaving the house without the silly camera.

I'm new at being one of the Camera Mom's. My mom told me all growing up that those kinds of people were so annoying. Sweet! I shall join them and irritate her! Double bonus!!

So, feel free to encourage me to bring my camera. You might even have to encourage me to get it out of the car and take it where I go. Yesterday, while sitting at the hospital with a friend waiting for her baby to be born I had such good intentions. But there I was with only the cell phone camera again. The real one was in the car. Parked. All alone. So sad!

I might have to move into a larger purse so that it'll be harder to forget it. Hmmm....that's something I'll have to think about for a bit.

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