Sunday, November 12, 2006


I was just checking my email today, and low and behold! A comment from someone who I've never met. Blogging is a new little sport for me. A challenge that I am attempting to meet. A new community to share literary expression with. And I'm sharing it with my daughter.

She actually started blogging long before it was cool. She's actually got a number of places where she posts, but she's reactivated her blogspot in honor of sharing ideas and thoughts in a place where her moma does.

It's really wonderful to watch her grow. I am so in awe of her love for Christ and her complete trust in Him. Yes, she has her moments when she's down on herself, but that's what 14 is all about. I'm so excited to see her life unfold. I'm honored to have this opportunity as her mother. To watch her from this perspective.

Motherhood is really rewarding once you get through the elementary years.

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