Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the things thinking does

Last night, I spent the better part of 3 hours working on a post. I have decided it will never be seen in this format. I was telling my friend about it, and I referred to it as chapter 3 or 4 in the book about my life. It might end up being a couple of chapters. I'd just have to expound in a couple of places where I maybe short changed the information available.

With that said, now I have to come up with something to post today. So, I'll dive back into my muse from yesterday just a bit.

While I was driving in my car yesterday after dropping my daughter off to babysit, I was thinking. Do you ever have the opportunity to do something really bad that you don't do? I mean, there's opportunity, time, motive, availability. Truly, everything seems to have aligned for you to get away with it. But then, for some reason, you just decide not to do it.

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  1. Just reading your blog thanks to a link on Lisa's. I love your writing, thanks for sharing. And, your kids sound incredible.