Friday, November 10, 2006

the week is over!

So, I made it through the week. Lots of things happened that I knew would, while even more things happened that I had no idea were coming. I mean, maybe I knew it on some level, but I had chosen or simply ran out of the brain power to keep it all straight.

I went to a concert tonight. It was this really rocking band that my super cool friend is a part of. They were in the studio all this week and I think it was an awesome climax to the week. The cream filling, if you will. The concert was awesome, the venue was cool. The weather fit in perfectly with the week...very, very, very wet!

It was an incredible concert in part because of feeling like I was a part of the process. Not in a really part of the process way, but in a nearby observance of the process. And when I heard the new songs, I wanted to cry...thank GOD I'm on enough medication to keep that from happening.

So, anyway, they pretty much Rocked!!!! Plus, I got to hear their new album! Fricken SWEET!

Love ya guys!! You're the bomb!! Thanks for letting me be near and live a little through y'all.

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