Wednesday, November 8, 2006

is it Friday yet?

I thought the week was full enough, and then I get a call in the middle of Safeway. Apparently, my brother in law has been trying to get ahold of us for a little over a week. He'll be here tomorrow and he's not sure when he'll be leaving.

I guess that means he'll see the mess. I have nothing extra with which to clean or straighten, or pick up even a single sock! Meetings all day, every day this week. Even a meeting tonight. Although, I did have an amazing opportunity to use my professional writing skills today. I got to write a scathing email to a whole corporation! And, it's not going to just fall on deaf corporate ears. Something's gonna have to happen as a result of my email. Heads will roll. DUDE! Sometimes I make me so proud of myself.

And then there's the conference that I got to have with the littlest's kindergarten teacher. Poor woman. She's really a wonderful creature, and yet, she has my son in her class. Apparently, he's pretty good with the social stuff and she's "very impressed with the confidence he has in himself". The only thing he could work to improve on is DOING WHAT HE'S TOLD! um...yer kiddin' me! I had no idea that was a problem!

There's part of me that feels glad that he shows others what a little creepo he can be. Then the other part of me is COMPLETELY embarrassed and 100% convinced that he's just practicing for PRISON. He'll be the good looking, gay dude who makes all the other boys in the jail do whatever he says.

I think he'd better toughen up a bit. He's actually kinda puny when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is. He probably thinks he's pretty tough since he can sometimes take his big brother down, but is it really fair to practice on the disabled? I think not. I hope he gets his butt kicked at school or somewhere, anywhere would be fine with me. He needs to learn that he's not the biggest fish in the pond.

I'm sure that a better mom might think that that is her JOB. I'm not sure it'll be possible with the parental unit he was born into. Softy and the meany. M is for Meany. M is for Mom. (in case you weren't sure who was who in the unit) We might need to go to some "love and logic" training together so that Softy will begin to see my process working through other people who clearly know more than me. You can have done this before, but that doesn't necessarily mean you did it right, right? Look at his kids and look at mine (the bigger two).

I hope we can get the mini-mann to end up more like mine than his.

Oh, wait! There's time to think about that later. I just want it to be Friday.

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