Friday, November 24, 2006

lazy day...

This time off is the longest break I've had from work since January. And that break wasn't really for fun...just the death and burial of my sis. Anyway, guess what phenomenal things I've been doing with myself?

1. Sleeping - apparently, there's much to be made up!
2. Eating - a little. My tummy's kind of upset and I'm not sure why. I keep thinking that food will make it better, only to discover that I was wrong with that thinking. Hey, I'm off work, I should try to think less, don't you think?
3. Cleaning - Eww~yes, me! Cleaning...well, Sweetie definitely helped in the kitchen! She has a passion for floors!
4. Watching Softie sleep - He's not much of a napper generally, but today I believe that napping records have been broken. At 7:30 pm he's still not even dressed!
5. Hurting in my neck - and my favorite little massage therapist won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. It might help me to feel better if I could remember which day she said. The hope that's available from knowing when she's going to be back to work more on me, might make me feel a bit better.
6. Web surfing - mostly the policing of my sweetest girl's myspace. Well, that and checking out the sites associated with the coolest band I've ever known. (Okay, I've never actually known any other bands...but I think you've got to be the coolest ever)
7. Listening to my boys get along - I'm thinking that the virtually unending sounds of laughter today pretty much have blessed my little soul, dark and tortured as it is.
8. Thinking about things to blog - I'm kinda running on empty here. I'm sure there's great things to post about, the thoughts swim relentless inside, but the skill of pulling one out long enough to work through it fully is currently escaping me.
9. Updating my Flickr - There's actually 7 pics there...and I'm seriously considering putting more on too.
10. Planning Christmas gifts on NO budget. I'm seriously considering tearing up some old clothes and making stuff for people out of the fabric. Dress up for a 2 1/2 year old grandchild. Do you think that would suck?
11. Trying to imagine the time that would need to exist in order for me to actually make the gifts that I can't afford.
12. I'm still not sure where my Christmas tree will go. The new furniture we got this summer is kind of inhibiting the set up we've used in years past.

Dude! I just came up with 12 things that I've been doing on my supposedly lazy day! That doesn't actually seem all that lazy. I didn't even mention the several loads of laundry that I got done. Who is this person that writes in my place?? (kidding!!!)

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