Saturday, November 25, 2006


Okay, as if it's not troubling enough that we're sitting around on a Saturday morning watching MTV, Mr. Mann has the remote! This selection is his choice! You're surprised? You should be me sitting next to him!

So, there's two channels of MTV - not that this is news to many, but on one channel, it's the Sweet 16 birthday parties of the rich and terribly spoiled! On the other channel is a show called Two-A-Days. Can I just tell you how troubling the title of this show is to me? Trust me, there's plenty of sex happening in the football show, not that they actually film it, but there's rumors and break-ups.

Ahh, high school...oh the memories. Seriously, it totally felt like the end of the world when I was in high school. Like every single thing that happened was seriously the end of the world. Oh, and the love of our lives...didn't that happen in high school too? Remember when a month seemed like you'd been together forever! That relationship was the real deal~remember?

hmmmhm...sometimes it's fun to go back through the memories...but it's still strange to sit around watching MTV as a family.

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